#AnnabelleComesHome: The third installment of Conjuring spin-off series gets a title; to release on June 28

The third installment of Conjuring spin-off series has been titled as Annabelle Comes Home. On Friday, New Line Cinema not only announced the title of the horror film but also the release date. Sharing a short teaser on social media, the makers tweeted, “On June 28, #AnnabelleComesHome.” The film which releases on June 28 stars Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Patrick and Vera will be reprising their roles as Ed and Lorrain from the Conjuring franchise.

Gary Dauberman, who is making his directorial debut with Annabelle Comes Home, is also the co-writer of the film with James Wan. Produced by Peter Safran and Wan, the film will follow Ed and Lorrain Warren’s story, who wish to end further damage the haunted doll has created by moving her back to their artefact room in their own home. But, the doll will unlock the evil spirits in the house, and she sets her new target: Warren’s 10-year-old daughter.

For the ones who are not aware, Annabelle Comes Home is the sixth installment in the Conjuring franchise, which includes The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation and The Nun. Buzz is that The Conjuring 3 is in works as well. Up till now, all these films have collectively earned $500 million at the box office.

While Annabelle didn’t receive a good response, Annabelle: Creation managed to win over the audience. Now, it remains to be seen how Annabelle Comes Home will be received by the critics and the audience. To know the same, you first gotta watch the film on June 28.

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