Bigg Boss 12, Day 54, Written Update: Karanvir Bohra becomes next captain of the house; Surbhi – Romil’s fight annoys Happy Club

The day begins with the usual song and dance routine. Sreesanth and Deepak Thakur are discussing the captaincy task. In the morning, Surbhi Rana and Deepak are discussing the nominations. She blames him for spending time with Sreesanth. Megha Dhade says everyone feels I am damn arrogant. Sreesanth says his success was not dependent on luck. He says people know about my girlfriends, not one knows about my struggle to become a cricketer. He says I left home at 11th – 12th. He says my salary was Rs 15,000 a year during my teen years. Bigg Boss announces a task for Somi Khan, Karanvir Bohra, Megha and Romil who are captaincy contestants. Dipika Kakar is the Sanchalak. Everyone is planning the task.

Dipika Kakar disqualifies Megha. She says you were extra aggressive. She makes Romil realise his mistake and how he broke the rules. Dipika disqualifies Somi Khan. Surbhi Rana and Somi fight with Dipika over her decision. Srishty Rode and Somi Khan have a war of words. Dipika Kakar lashes out at them for playing unfairly. Karanvir is the new captain. Srishty congratulates him.

Sree alleges that Dipika made KVB win as she puts friends first. People blame the Sanchalak. Dipika tells Sree that everyone feels she is plotting. He says no. Karanvir cries in front of Deepak Thakur saying that people in the house do not respect relationships. Surbhi Rana sings to Deepak Thakur and she is crying. KVB tells Deepak he envies Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi’s friendship.

Deepak says Somi is the most special person. Bigg Boss announces special meal for the contestants. They dig into the food. Rohit Suchanti steals gulab jamun for Srishty. Dipika scolds him a lot. He says I will not eat. Srishty tells him to come out and eat the special food. Dipika feeds him and makes up for the yelling.

Dipika and Megha discuss the bond of the Happy Club. They meet Dipika who is in an emotional mood. Surbhi Rana and Romil Chaudhary have an argument post that. Surbhi says she will slap him as he treats her badly. Deepak asks Romil what exactly happened? They are discussing that someone from their team will be eliminated this weekend. Surbhi fights with Romil for his bad behaviour. Surbhi weeps buckets. Romil calls her ill-mannered. Somi and Deepak console her.

Romil swears he will never talk to Surbhi ever. Somi wonders if there is actually a Happy Club.

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