Jenelle Evans Reveals What Makes Her Marriage With David Eason Work Despite Criticism

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans doesn’t care what the haters have to say about her relationship with David Eason. She loves him, and recently revealed what helps keep their marriage fresh and fun.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, 27, is very aware that there are a lot of fans who don’t think she should be married to David Eason, but she’s completely happy with their relationship. And during an EXCLUSIVE interview on HollywoodLife‘s podcast, which you can listen to in full by clicking here, Jenelle revealed what makes their marriage work. “I think you have to find something that you both commonly enjoy doing and go do it,” she said. “If it’s every … once a month, once in a while, once a week, you need to go do it cause it’ll keep you connected and it’ll keep you close and it’s something you both like to do. And traveling. We like to travel to tropical areas alone with the kids. And we like to … David likes to eat anything. So, if we go to like St. Thomas, he’s like, ‘Can we catch an iguana and eat it?’ You know what I mean? He’s very adventurous and I am too so it works out.”

Ever since David was fired from Teen Mom 2 in Feb. 2018 for posting a homophobic tweet on Twitter, fans have been criticizing Jenelle for staying married to him. But she made it very clear to us that she’s very much in love with David. And all the traveling that they do seems to be working for them. Maybe traveling is the best solution they could come up with so that they focus on themselves and not all the hateful comments that are thrown their way on social media.

During our interview with Jenelle, she also revealed what fans can expect from the next Teen Mom 2 reunion (she previously denied storming off the set because of her husband’s controversial tweets). “I was gonna say, I have no idea what’s gonna go on,” she admitted. “I know that they have me staying in Philly, and they have Kailyn staying in another state, and then they have everyone split up and everyone’s scared of everyone. So, I’m just kinda like hanging out in Philly and just minding my own business. I don’t expect for any drama to happen or me to run into any but we’ll see.”

Jenelle also talked about her makeup line, saying, “The brand is JE Cosmetics. The lipstick I’m wearing is JE Cosmetics and it’s a liquid matte. But we have lots of different colors. We have dark red all the way to light reds and light pinks. You go to or follow jecosmeticsinc on Instagram.”

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