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Finally, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton’-starrer Terminator – Dark Fate’s trailer dropped on the net and boy oh boy is it super amazing. This terminator film is one of the most anticipated ones as both Arnold and Linda will be seen reprising their roles of Sarah Connor and T-800 in this upcoming American sci-fi action film. Although Arnold had returned to quite a film films from the franchise this makes it more special as his T-800 will be reunited, Sarah Connor. coming back to the trailer, the video starts with Dani, a young woman who is hybrid Terminator played by Natalie Reyes, explaining how her life changed in just two weeks.

Enters Grace, a human/cyborg hybrid who is the soldier assassin sent from the future to protect her from the scary Rev 9 (played by Gabriel Luna). While they are being chased by the homicidal robot, enters Sarah Connor in all glory. She shoots Rev 9, single-handedly, with a shotgun in her hand for Grace and Dani to escape for the time being. From there Sarah takes leads them to Arnold’s hub to seek help. We can still see Sarah’s distrust for the machines but she appreciates Grace saying, “Never seen one like you before. Almost human,” Grace responds, “I am human.” Arnold flashes on the screen for a few seconds looking all aged and battered. Watch the thrilling trailer here:

Talking about the film, James Cameron will return to Terminator franchise as a producer marking his, Arnold and Linda’s reunion after years. Tim Miller will don the director’s hat for the film who has previously directed Deadpool. Despite being the sixth installment in the whole Terminator franchise, Dark Fate is a direct sequel to The Terminator and T2: Judgement Day. Therefore the ones who haven’t watched other parts which being, Rise Of Machines, Salvation or Genisys need not worry as the would miss out on anything major. With new characters of Mackenzie and Dani introduced, the film plans on surrendering the Arnold-Linda franchise into the hands of the next gen.

Terminator: Salvation and Terminator: Genisys failed to impress the audience and therefore didn’t fare well at the box office, but then again, that could be because James wasn’t there to guide the folks. But with his return, we think it could avoid the fate as to the above two.

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