Online registration a hit with Pune voters; 50,000 sign up

The Pune district administration received 53,553 voter registrations online, through the first online registration initiative, a two-month drive that began on September 1 and ended on October 31.

District authorities collected a total of 2,01,324 fresh applications forms. As per voters list, there were 71.89 lakh voters in the Pune district. The final voter list will be published on January 4, 2019.

Monika Singh, deputy election officer, Pune, said that as part of the campaign, her team had encouraged new voters to enrol, especially college students.

“This year we have received an overwhelming response from citizens online. For working class people it is difficult to visit the office to enrol, and this year many have opted this online mode effectively.”

“Almost 30 per cent of the total voter registration has been conducted through online mode,” Monika Singh, deputy election officer, Pune added.

The campaign was aimed at encouraging new voters, specially college students.

With this, a total of 8,308 voter enrolment forms have been received from the camps set up at college level every Tuesday. Principals and college staff members encouraged students to increase voter count.

District administration had given authority to housing society chairman to fill up forms from respective housing societies.

At least 20,000 registration forms through various housing societies across the city.

Besides this, the election commission of Pune is also working towards enrolling maximum number of persons with disability (PWD) voters in the district.

So far, the commission has been able to identify around 8,500 persons with disability (PWD) voters in the district.

Election Ready

Online Mode application forms- 53,553

Offline Mode- 1,46,771

College level applications received -8,308

Housing societies level form received – 20,000

First Published: Nov 07, 2018 16:43 IST

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