Armed gang tries to abduct techie

Three men attempted to abduct a 32-year-old software engineer while he was on his way to workplace at Kempapura. But their bid was thwarted as the victim shouted for help and drew the attention of passers-by. In their hurry to escape, they left behind a country-made pistol. The incident took place on Friday.

The Marathahalli police have taken up a case and booked the unidentified men under the Arms Act, as well as for attempt to murder, and attempt to kidnap. Efforts are on to track down the accused, said a police officer.

The software engineer, Anurag Varma, hails from Indore in Madhya Pradesh and works as a technical consultant for an IT firm at Kempapura. He lived in the area and would often walk to work. His routine on Friday was no different.


However, around 11.15 a.m., as he was approaching Chowdeshwari Temple at Raju Colony, an orange coloured car intercepted him. A man, whose face was covered with a helmet, stepped out of the vehicle and and told Varma in Hindi, “Mere paas gun hai, car mein baito,” (I have a gun, sit inside the car). Though the young man was shocked, he had the presence of mind to resist his attacker.

In his statement to the police, Verma said another man — also wearing a helmet — got out of the car. “He pulled out a gun, but did not fire. He used the end of the gun to hit the victim on his head. The duo tried to pull him into the car,” said the police officer.

Varma, who sustained head injuries, began shouting for help. A few passers-by, on seeing the commotion, ran to his aid. On seeing people gather around them, the men decided to abandon their plan to kidnap the software engineer.

“They jumped back into the car and drove off, but left the weapon behind. However, he took away victim’s mobile phone,” the police said.

Varma was taken to a hospital for his head wound after which he filed a complaint with the police. The Marathahalli police recovered the country-made pistol from the spot and are trying to identify the gang.

“We are scanning CCTV camera footage in and around the area to identify the car. We are probing all angles, including personal enmity, and are not ruling out ransom as the motive. We have crucial links about the gang and they will be nabbed soon,” said the investigating officer.

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