ERA test helps childless couple become parents, says expert

Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) test, an advanced diagnostic procedure at a molecular stage that helps identify the composition stages of 238 genes, has helped a childless couple from the city become parents even after recurrent implantation failure (RIF) under in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Embryo implantation, the common assisted reproductive technology (ART) used for the IVF, is a complicated procedure and it has several possible factors that can lead to failure, Nova IVI Fertility’s consultant Dr. Y. Swapna tiold the media here.

“For the cases with RIF, ERA test, a state-of-the-art diagnostic technique that helps evaluate the woman’s endometrial receptivity from a molecular perspective helps to time the day of embryo transfer,” Dr. Swapna explained.

Success rate

Common ART methods fail due to lack of synchronisation between embryo to be implanted and endometrial receptivity and ERA tests provide the optimal ‘window of implantation’, she said.

Dr. Swapna said that the success rate of conceiving through ERA test was 60% and the rate of delivering a baby through the test is about 35% to 40%.

About Nova IVI, she said all its centres together helped 25,000 couples become parents in the last 20 years.

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