World order on a shaky foundation right now, says Pakistani diplomat

People choosing democracy without believing in pluralism: Husain Haqqani

With people across the world electing demagogues, the future of liberal democracy was discussed by Husain Haqqani, James Crabtree, John Keay and Suki Kim, who were in conversation with Sashi Kumar.

Speaking on the topic ‘Shaping the new world order’, Pakistani diplomat and journalist Husain Haqqani said: “What we have built seems to be on a shaky foundation right now. It is resulting in people choosing democracy as a means to power, without believing in the principles of pluralism and democracy.”

Author and expert in South Asian Geopolitics, James Crabtree, said the US was aiding the rise of China. “What Europe was to the 20th century, South East Asia will be to this century. India is going to compete for influence. President Trump has weakened American alliances, particularly with Korea, and has given a sense that it is less reliable,” he said.

A power in decline

While the creation of North Korea was the result of the cold war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, Suki Kim said: “The existence of North Korea has a lot to do with the cold war between China and the U.S.”

Referring to the U.S., British historian John Keay said: “What worries me is that when great powers decline, they tend to behave very irresponsibly.”

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