Class 10 student kills a nagging neighbour a day before Board exam

A 15-year-old Class 10 student in a Rajasthan school, who wanted to be an officer, has ended up in juvenile home after he killed a nagging 65-year-old neighbour in Sikar on Wednesday, a day before his first paper of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE), police said.

The boy was caught on the basis of blood trail out of the woman’s house and into the boy’s room, where police found bloodstained clothes hidden beneath the bed, police added.

Sikar City’s deputy superintendent of police Saurabh Tiwari said the boy had confessed to stabbing the woman multiple times to kill her. “They lived in adjacent houses, joined by the terraces. The boy jumped into the woman’s house from his terrace and ran back after stabbing her,” the police officer said.

Tiwari said the boy fled the woman’s house when she passed out after the knife attack. Local informed the police after spotting the body and rushed the woman to a nearby hospital. The woman died in hospital.

The officer said the boy told the police that the woman, who lived with his husband, behaved rudely with him.

“The boy told us during investigation that the woman’s behavior with his friends was good but with him, she was always rude, scolding him without reason,” DSP Tiwari said.

Another neighbour of the boy said the woman was quarrelsome and hated the boy’s family for their lower caste.

The woman was a Jat, an influential farming community, and the boy, a Kumawat, the potters.

“She would object to his playing cricket, not return ball if it fell into her house, and cursed the boy if he crossed her way, saying ‘kiska muh dekh liya subah subah (why did I see his face in the morning?). She looked for reasons to shout at him,” he said.

The neighbour said the woman had arguments with the boy’s grandfather around a fortnight ago when the boy’s cricket ball fell into her house.

On Wednesday, a day before the RBSE exam began, the boy was studying on the terrace for the English paper because of some repair work in his room. “The woman began shouting at him and that proved to be the immediate provocation for the boy to let out his pent-up anger against her,” police said.

The boy attacked her around 6pm. Kotwali police station SHO Shrichand Singh said there were around 20-25 marks of injury on the woman’s body. “The boy got the knife from a nearby juice shop run by his maternal uncle,” the officer added.

The boy was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board on Thursday and sent to juvenile home.

The woman’s husband was out when the incident occurred. The boy lived with his grandparents since the age of 3, locals said.

A teacher said the boy was a brilliant student and scored 86% in Class 9. “He wanted to be a government officer,” she added.

First Published:
Mar 15, 2019 13:59 IST

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