MP bureaucrat takes to social media after rebuke by senior, seeks transfer

A novelist-bureaucrat from Madhya Pradesh, Niyaz Ahmed, who is also an anti-corruption crusader, has taken to social media to air his anguish after he was allegedly told to ‘get out’ from a meeting by a senior IAS officer.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, the deputy secretary rank official wrote about his frequent transfers and that the ‘Khan’ surname has hounded him as a ghost. He also wrote about his love for writing which he said, has saved him from depression.

“17 years of government service, transfer in 10 districts and 19 shiftings, I was always made to feel untouchable, like a German Jew. Khan surname hounded me like a ghost.” he tweeted.

He has since written to the chief secretary S R Mohanty asking for a transfer from the PHE department where he is posted.

Khan shot into limelight after he exposed a scam in Swachha Bharat scheme of the government in Guna district and then again when he asked for a year’s leave to live in prison with underworld don Abu Salem for penning a book about the gangster’s life.

In one of his other tweets he said, “In Guna I exposed biggest ODF scam of the country and brutalities against Saharia tribe. Got built 600 muktidhans as a result I was sent to loopline and guilty officers were given a better opportunity to work. What sort of justice is this?” he wrote.

In the Swachha Bharat scam that was exposed in November 2017, Khan had found during random checking that toilet doors which should have been 14 kg were actually only 4 kg. He ordered weighing of all 42,000 toilet doors built in Guna district and according to him it was scam close to Rs 100 crore.

In October 2017, he ordered the registration of forgery cases against 200 people — including five journalists — after an early morning raid found a shocking 2,000 people out in the fields, lota (vessel for carrying water) in hand, in 155 villages of Guna which had been declared ‘open-defecation-free’ (ODF).

In February 2017, he had again hit the headlines when he asked permission to spend a month with underworld don Abu Salem as he was interested in penning a book on the alleged love affair between the Salem and Monica Bedi.

Khan, who is a novelist, has penned five novels so far, and he mentions this in another one of his tweets.

“Now writing my sixth novel ‘A tale of Nocturnal Lover’, in which I would show how the Muslim officers are regarded second class citizens. It’s based on my own experience,” Khan wrote.

In another tweet, he said that it was his writing that saved him from depression.

“There was a time when I had reached the verge of depression but literature saved me from fall. I have transformed all discrimination against me into creation and now I am English novelist with five novels,” he wrote in his tweet.

GAD minister Govind Singh could not be contacted. He did not reply to calls, or answer text messages.

First Published: Jan 10, 2019 22:01 IST

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