Mutual respect between MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli is massive, says head coach Ravi Shastri

It is a common practice for cricket fans to pit cricketers against each other in various comparisons and when it comes to the Indian cricket team, the most common comparison taken place between MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

Both Kohli and Dhoni have been successful skippers for India and even at present, they continue to help each other out on the field. Head coach Ravi Shastri, when asked about the two stalwarts, made it clear that both cricketers have different approaches but their mutual respect is something that pleases him a lot.

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“Each one has his own style and each one is different. When you mention Virat and MS, yes, they are different, the way they play and the way they captain. MS was the senior man when Virat was coming through the ranks. Virat gave him the respect he deserved. Now MS is not the captain, Virat is, so MS does the same thing. The mutual respect for each other is massive and that’s all you want as a coach,” Shastri told Mirror Now.

Shastri, who replaced Anil Kumble as the head coach in 2017, has been instrumental in India’s success in the recent past. Under his tutelage, the team has claimed new milestones and currently, they are among the Top 2 in all formats of the sport. When asked about his achievements, Shastri credited their consistency as the reason behind the success.

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“What can you ask, when I took over the job first time around we were 7,6,5 in the rankings. In a couple of years, they were 1,1,2 and 1,2,2 and they are maintaining that we can’t ask for more from a side. I mean if you look at consistency if you look at the last 4-5 years, the amount of cricket played and amount of matches that have been won I would think they are in the plus 75 percent ratio when it comes to winning and losing – you can’t ask for anything more,”

“Because it’s a sport, you are bound to win some you are bound to lose some. But when you have a strike rate that is excess of 75 close to 80 it’s massive. They should be proud – the penny will drop when they finish their cricket. You know – I keep telling them,” the India head coach added.

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Mar 16, 2019 11:58 IST

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