John Barrowman spits out handful of food as This Morning descends into chaos

John Barrowman made viewers' stomachs lurch as he spat a gob-full of half-digested food into his hands when he thought the camera wasn't on him.

The I'm A Celebrity star, who alongside Rochelle Humes was standing on for Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning, was in an exuberant mood as two of the stars of The Muppet Show appeared to help make cookies with Phil Vickery.

And he took a leaf out of the Cookie Monster's book as he laughingly stuffed biscuits into his mouth while shouting at the camera.

During the chaotic baking segment, Phil attempted to calmly explain how to make cookies while the two famous puppets threw fistfuls of Smarties and chocolate chips in the air, causing absolute mayhem.

John then decided to join in, grabbing one of the finished cookies in his hands and cramming it into his mouth while Rochelle looked on shocked.

But his handful of baked goods was too much to swallow – so as soon as the camera panned back to the kitchen, John spat the whole lot into his hand.

Embarrassingly for him, producers quickly switched back to the presenters and caught John red-handed trying to dispose of the now saliva-covered mess.

A red-faced John told the camera, "Oh, alright. Thank you, thank you Phil" as horrified Rochelle brought the programme to a close.

Viewers were shocked by his conduct, with one tweeting: "John Barrowman makes Cookie Monster seem like a Buddhist monk."

Another fumed: "Found it disgusting behaviour by @JohnBarrowman for morning TV, come on this morning sort it out."

And a third wrote: " @ITV You need to find a permanent home for @JohnBarrowman . He always brightens up the day. Today's show was informative and fabulous. The spot with John and the Muppets was hysterical. Good work."

*This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV

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