John Wayne Bobbitt Says This Is Why Lorena Cut Off His Penis and 4 More Wild Accusations From 'The Bobbitts: Love Hurts'

“I don’t believe she was a victim,” John said of his ex. “No, she was greedy, selfish and she was stubborn.”

25 years after his ex-wife Lorena Bobbitt famously took a knife to his penis, John Bobbitt gave his side of the story about why he thinks Lorena did the deed.

In "The Bobbitts: Love Hurts," a two-hour documentary that aired Friday night on ABC, John revisited the now infamous case while sitting down with the network’s Amy Robach for a new interview. The "20/20" special dove into the whole sordid tale, beginning from how John and Lorena met to the infamous night in question and where he is now.

Back in 1993, the Bobbitts became tabloid staples after the absolutely insane case made headlines everywhere. Lorena later accused her husband of physical and sexual abuse, her husband’s penis was reattached and she was acquitted of all criminal charges, the jury labeling her temporarily insane due to abuse and mental illness.

As he did in the past, John still denies ever sexually abusing Lorena. In fact, during the interview, John explained that he doesn’t believe that that Lorena was a victim at all and cut off his manhood in attempt to "save" their marriage. After looking at old footage of Lorena crying while telling her story decades ago on ABC, John said that he believed her tears were real, but she was only shedding them because she regretted what she had done.

"She attacked me, she shouldn’t [have] and now she regrets it," John said. "She’s knows the truth…she didn’t want the marriage to end. She wanted everything that she dreamed about and it was falling apart…She was hurt deeply and emotionally. And she was acting on that."

"I don’t believe she was a victim," he later added. "No, she was greedy, selfish and she was stubborn."

Read on for more highlights from Bobbitt’s "20/20" special.

A Strained Marriage

After meeting at a Marine Corps officers’ ball in 1988, the couple soon began dating. Lorena, who was born in Ecuador and raised in Venezuela, was in America on a student visa. When it was about to expire, Lorena allegedly proposed the idea of the couple getting married. John told Robach that he felt "pressured" by Lorena and her mother to get married, but he agreed anyway.

"Had to bite the bullet, I guess, get married," he said, before adding that he was "happy" on his wedding day and, at the time, "thought" he loved Lorena.

The marriage got off to a rough start. John had issues holding a job after being discharged by the Marines, before Lorena became the "breadwinner" in the family as a manicurist and nanny. According to John, Lorena’s view of the American Dream — which he said included a focus on more material items like houses and cars — caused tension and strain in their relationship.

"We were young," he said. "We should have worked our way up. But no, she wanted more, more, more. So we went from a studio to a luxury apartment and we had two new cars."

"[We] fought over things that we shouldn’t have [been] fighting over," he continued, adding that Lorena was "stubborn" and "selfish."

The Abuse Allegations

In her old ABC interview, Lorena alleged that verbal abuse turned physical after about a "month" into their marriage. John denied the sexual abuse allegations while talking with Robach, saying Lorena had a violent side and would "punch" him out of of anger. Also, according to John, his ex was "jealous" and "possessive," which led to physical violence.

"I think she was always afraid someone was going to take me away from her. Like, I was her prize," he said.

In response to Lorena’s attorney saying there was "pushing, showing, a punch here, punch there," with violence that also "carried over into the bedroom" with "violent sex," Bobbitt said pushing and shoving was just a couple "fighting with each other," not spousal abuse. He did, however, admit to restraining his wife at times, which would lead to bruising.

Lorena previously accused John of forcing her to get an abortion when she became pregnant, but John said the two simply weren’t "ready" to be parents.

The Slice

According to Lorena, John forced himself on her after he came home from a night out with his friend. In John’s retelling, however, he characterized their activity that night as "petting" and said Lorena was the one who wanted to have sex. He said he’s also "never raped anyone in my life."

As John slept, Lorena then went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, walked back into the bedroom and chopped off John’s penis.

He told Robach that when he realized what had been done he felt "terrified" and said the scene was something "out of a horror movie" where he thought he was "going to die." Lorena fled with the severed body part and threw it out of her car, while John went to the hospital.

"It was a nightmare," he said. "Walking into the hospital, the doctor’s looking at me, show me your wrist."

The doctors at Prince William Hospital didn’t realize what the source of the blood was at first, thinking John had simply cut his hand. When John finally showed the doc what happened, "his jaw dropped," John explained. His penis was then discovered and the doctors went to work reattaching his missing piece.

"It was the happiest day of my life," John said of his reaction to police finding his lost organ. "It’s like, wow, it’s like opening Christmas presents you know on Christmas Day when you’re a little kid. I was excited."

What Came Next

Maury Povich said that after Lorena was acquitted of all criminal charges, he expected to see a sharp decline in spousal abuse.

"I thought it would be a stop sign," he said on the special. "Don’t ever commit domestic violence. Guess what? You might be Bobbitted. I thought that that would last. Obviously it didn’t because of what we know now in terms of the #MeToo movement."

Lorena has continued to advocate for victims of abuse, creating a foundation that combats domestic violence. John went on to use his fame by starring in adult entertainment movies — one was even famously titled "Frankenpenis — before a string of volatile relationships. He told to Robach that he never abused any of other women either.

John, who now devotes his life to being a professional treasure hunter, was ultimately asked by Robach to describe himself. "Cool, calm, collected, peaceful," he answered. "I don’t like violence. I don’t believe in violence."

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