Anwar Ibrahim calls for empathy in Muslim societies

Economic justice is key, he says.

Malaysia is determined to ensure freedom of religion for indigenous communities and religious minorities, Anwar Ibrahim, leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyar (People’s Justice Party), said on Thursday.

He was speaking at a civil society meeting organised by the Islamic Forum for the Promotion of Moderate Thought in the capital.

Mr. Ibrahim said Muslim societies across the world should be based on empathy and pluralism in order to deal with contemporary challenges.

“Malaysia categorically guarantees protection of rights for the indigenous communities and religious minorities. If we do not have compassion and mercy between Muslims and non-Muslims, then do not expect the heavens to shower mercy on us,” he said.

Muslim societies across the world should aim for economic justice, Mr. Ibrahim stated.

“Billion-dollar companies paying employees as semi-slaves is not acceptable,” said Mr. Ibrahim arguing that market economy system should be humane.

Mr. Ibrahim argued for continued reform in Islamic societies and Muslim-majority countries with historic minority communities. During the civil society meeting, Mr. Ibrahim interacted with a cross-section of thinkers and policy makers, including former Minister Arif Mohammed Khan. He also said that India should speak up against the atrocities committed on the Rohingya refugees of Myanmar.

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