Adele left baffled as fan asks her very intimate question during surprise live stream

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Adele made a surprise appearance on her Instagram page last night as she continues to tease her upcoming comeback single Easy On Me. The 34-year-old interacted with her 40 million followers, with many keen to know more about her music.

What the Someone Like You hitmaker didn’t expect however, was a question from a fan about her body count.

The term refers to how many people someone has slept with.

Baffled by the question, popstar asked: “What’s my bodycount? What does that mean?”

The unexpected enquiry certainly gathered attention from her fans who shared their thoughts on social media.

Twitter user Regina wrote: “Not someone asking Adele what her body count is. And her know knowing that is, I’m screaming.”

Ivo commented: “Who one of you nosey a** b*****s asked Adele about her body count?”

The Scarlet Mitch added: “I can’t get over someone asking Adele what her body count is????? I am in bits.”

More to follow…

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