Alia, Adah, Mouni’s Style Tips For Chinese New Year

Bid a fond goodbye to the solitary water tiger. He won’t be back for another 12 years.

Welcome the playful rabbit.

The rabbit, known for its gentleness, symbolises rebirth. It’s a creature that’s a harbinger for good luck.

The Chinese New Year always arrives with fresh promise.

It’s a holiday brought in with loads of pomp and tamasha all over the world because the Chinese lunisolar calendar is deemed inportant in several cultures apart from China — Tibet, Korea, Vietnam and even Okinawa in Japan. And wherever the Diaspora of these cultures live.

Why not dress to greet it?

The rules are pretty simple. Stick to the many wondrous shades of red. It brings more luck, happiness and prosperity.

A touch of gold will do no harm. When has a little extra gold ever hurt?

Flaunt your Chinese collars. Whatever you do avoid black — it’s considered inauspicious.

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