Amanda Holden forced to get out of car after ‘run in with police’

Amanda Holden and Alan Carr are pulled over by Italian police

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Amanda Holden has been exploring Italy with her pal Alan Carr in their self-titled BBC show Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job. But things didn’t appear to go to plan in the latest episode.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge was pulled over by Italian police and forced to get out of the car.

The 52-year-old appeared stunned as she wondered what she did wrong as the duo were driving abroad.

During the episode, Amanda and Alan had discussed their lunch but up ahead on the roadside, the police urged the Heart FM presenter to stop the car.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Amanda exclaimed: “Oh my god. I’m being pulled over by the police. This is hilarious.”

Amanda rolled down the window and the officer pointed to one side while speaking in Italian.

The clip then showed her reversing as told by the officer, as she asked: “I wasn’t going too fast was I?”

Alan assured her: “No you weren’t.”

She queried further: “What do I need to do?” as she unfastened her seatbelt.

Alan cheekily quipped: “You’re going to be on that programme Banged Up Abroad.”

A little while later, Amanda returned to the car as she explained: “It was just a random check.”

Alan said: “I can’t believe that just happened, can you?”

He added: “I mean he was really severe. I mean my fantasy of being pulled over by a hunky Italian policeman… it’s ruined it for me. You loved it though.”

Amanda said: “I enjoyed it in the end.”

Alan added: “I noticed they had a gun. Now that terrifies me.” His friend said: “I noticed they had handcuffs.”

The BGT judge took to her Instagram and shared a clip of her “run-in” with the police in view of her 1.9 million followers.

She captioned the clip: “A run-in with the Italian police.”

Amanda added the hashtags: “#AmandaAndAlan #ItalianJob #iPlayer #AmandaHolden #AlanCarr.”

Speaking about the ordeal on the Heart Breakfast radio show she said that the authorities “were pretty mean”.

But Alan joked that Amanda had “turned on the charm” to get herself out of trouble.

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job is available on BBC iPlayer.

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