Amber and Michael: ‘He’s totally failed’ Love Island 2019 star’s ‘tell’ REVEALED

Amber Gill, 21, and Michael Griffiths, 27, coupled up early on in Love Island 2019 but it appeared their romance wasn’t to be. Soon after the girls left the main villa for Casa Amor, the hunky firefighter found his head turned straight towards newcomer Joanna Chimonides, 22. When Amber returned, having stayed loyal to her man, she walked in to find him coupled up with the sexy new arrival, leaving her single. That was just the start of a rocky road for the pair, however, as Amber struggled with her feelings for Michael while watching him crack on with Joanna.

Despite repeatedly assuring his new flame he was over Amber and focused on her, the Love Island star appeared to have been given some food for thought when the former came clean about her lasting feelings for him in a dramatic instalment of the ITV2 dating show earlier this week.

Before he had time to process the information, there was a surprise dumping and Joanna was ejected from the villa, leaving him single once more.

Just days later, in last night’s episode, Michael had a change of heart and declared his feelings for Amber, insisting he would have done so even if the girl he had left her for was still in the villa.

The announcement came at an awkward time for Amber, who had been on a date and looked to be starting to fall for new boy Greg O’Shea, 24.

Speaking exclusively to, Match’s dating expert Hayley Quinn said: “Amber should be wary of Michael.

“He has broken one of the best ‘tells’ of whether someone is committed or not, in that he has totally failed to be consistent.

“To start with, after the shows Casa Amor twist, he opted to couple up with Joanna and break up with Amber,” she explained. “Then history almost repeated itself last week when he asked Joanna, ‘Do you really want this?’

“After Joanna was evicted and Amber looked like she might be about to couple up with new islander Greg, Michael went back to Amber,” Hayley continued.

“Rather than seeing this as Michael’s attempt of ‘coming clean’ in revealing that he still has feelings for her, I feel it’s much more that Michael is indecisive and doesn’t want to be alone.

“Amber (or anyone else) should never settle for being treated like the next best option,” she added.


The breakdown of Michael’s behaviour with Amber seems to indicate it would be a mistake for the pair to rekindle their romance and an even greater error if they were to go on to win the show.

Hayley also highlighted them as one of the less “genuine” pairings who would be less likely to make it as a couple on the outside.

“Michael has been extremely quick to jump ship back to Amber after Joanna’s departure,” she said.

“If you’re looking for couples that are more genuine, look for those who are consistent (Tommy [Fury, 20] and Molly [Mae Hague, 20]) or who are earnest, like Anton [Danyluk, 24] and Belle [Hassan, 21], and are open about their imperfections as a couple,” she concluded.

Tonight, Love Island fans will see Amber make her choice between Greg and Michael, but who will be dumped from the island?

Love Island 2019 continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Match’s dating expert, Hayley Quinn shares her expert opinion on this year’s Love Island, questioning the compatibility of certain couples and whether some are more committed than others.

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