Amber Portwood Posts Unrecognizable Selfie, Receives WTF? Reaction From Fans

You know who we haven’t checked in on in a while? Amber Portwood!

When it comes to Amber, no news is good news, so if you haven’t seen any headlines about her in a while, that might mean that she’s actually behaving herself and making good decisions.

Of course, like many reality stars, Amber needs attention the way most of need food and oxygen.

So it was only a matter of time before she made her way back to the spotlight.

Fortunately, this time it’s not because of another dramatic breakup or an insane beef with one of her co-stars.

Despite Amber’s promise to quit social media, it seems she’s been drawn back to regular posting like a moth to a flame.

And some fans are shocked by her appearance in her latest selfie.

“Just got home… hectic and fun day at the same time… never a dull moment,” Portwood captioned the pic.

“Hope everyone is safe and of course sending all my love again. You all are so supportive and caring, it’s amazing to speak with you. Love.”

Maybe Amber is in promo mode because a new season of Teen Mom OG premieres later this month.

Or maybe she was just feeling a little thirsty, and she decided to quench herself with a close-up selfie.

Whatever the case, Amber received plenty of attention — but not all of it was positive.

Some commenters claimed that she looked “unrecognizable” in the photo.

Others blasted the 30-year-old for the heavily-filtered appearance of the pic.

To her credit, Amber doesn’t appear to have responded to any of the trash talk.

Her restraint is particularly admirable, as it seems that 2021 has been rather difficult for her thus far.

Earlier this week, Amber’s dog died, a sad development that she shared with her Instagram followers.

“Madison has sadly passed away tonight…however she fought her chronic illness like a warrior!” she wrote of the late Old English Mastiff.

“Please pray for her to be in a peaceful place.”

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news out of Amber’s camp these days.

Against the odds, her long-distance relationship with Dmitri Garcia seems to going swimmingly.

Amber gave her Belgian boyfriend a shout-out on Instagram this week, declaring him her “little viking.”

Fans were skeptical of the relationship from the beginning, and not only because Amber and Dmitri live on different continents.

As you probably recall, Amber’s last few relationships ended in explosive fashion.

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Come to think of it, all of her relationships have blown up in her face.

But to her credit, she hasn’t given up on love, and she seems committed to making things work with Dmitri.

Of course, we’ll find out how things are really going in Amber’s relationship once the new season of Teen Mom OG premieres!

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