ASK AJIT: ‘How Do I Invest Rs 20 lakh?’

‘I want to invest Rs 20 lakhs. Could you please tell me across how many months I need to spread the amount for investing?’

Ajit Mishra, vice president, Research, Religare Broking, answers your stock market queries:


Kitchappan: I am holding 8,377 shares of DHFL @ Rs 25 and 21,550 shares of Yes Bank @ Rs 18.

I am a long-term investor.

Advise me on whether to hold or book the loss.

Ajit Mishra: Exit both.


Manoj Patra: I have invested in these shares for long-term. Please suggest what I should do.

Ajit Mishra:


Smita Kumar: I have a corpus of Rs 80 lakhs. My age is 62.

Please advise how to invest so that I can get Rs 40,000 every month without exhausting my corpus. Is it possible?

Ajit Mishra: Investing in monthly income plan mutual funds would be advisable.


Rahul Kansara: Hi Sir. I have bought 525 shares of Sterlite Technology at an average of Rs 393 three to four years ago. I am long-term investor.

Currently, I am incurring loss. What should I do (keep/switch/other)?

Ajit Mishra: Switch to Reliance Industries.


Ganapathi Kamath: I have listed my shares along with average price. Please advise whether I should average further or exit.

Ajit Mishra:


Wangnue: Please advise about hold/exit (and if possible any buy). Here’s is my portfolio.

Ajit Mishra:


Babichan K C: Kindly have a look at my stock portfolio and suggest whether I should sell/hold/add more. I am holding these stocks since more than three years. I look forward to your valuable suggestions.

Ajit Mishra:



Somasekhar Gaduputi: I have the following shares purchased at a higher price. Please advise me.

Ajit Mishra:


Vijay Chavali: I bought 5,000 shares of TATABSL on May 21, 2021, at Rs 98.60. I request your suggestion. Should I hold for one year or sell this stock immediately? Please reply.

Ajit Mishra: Hold.


Rima Porel: I have Rs 20 lakhs and I want to invest that amount for the next 10 years. Could you please tell me across how many months I need to spread the amount for investing?

Should I invest Rs 1 lakh per month? This will take 20 months for me to invest the complete Rs 20 lakhs.

Should I invest Rs 2 lakhs per month, which will take 10 months for me to invest the complete Rs 20 lakhs?

Or should I invest some other quantity? Your response is highly appreciated.

Ajit Mishra: Since markets are trading at all-time highs, we would recommend that you phase out your investment over 2-3 years and invest quality blue chip companies.


Sunil Philipose: I have shares of Karuturi Global LTD (KARGLO). Now, the company has filed for liquidation. Is it possible to sell my shares in future? Will I be able to get my investment money back?

Ajit Mishra: It would depend on the outcome of the insolvency proceedings. It is a penny stock. Please avoid investing in such stocks in the future.


Sohni: What do you suggest for Videocon shares? What effects it will have after insolvency after Vedanta takes over?

Ajit Mishra: Avoid.


Vidyadhar K Jadhav: I am holding following stocks. I seek your advice on whether to hold/add/exit.

Ajit Mishra:


Tushar: Please advise about following stocks. Eagerly awaiting your opinion.

Ajit Mishra:



Nandan Alok: I am having 2,500 shares of Reliance Power Limited @ Rs 14.20. Shall I sell or hold?

Ajit Mishra: Exit.


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