Bigg Boss 14: ‘Aly Goni reminds me of Paras Chhabra from season 13,’ says former contestant Shefali Jariwala

Bigg Boss 14 is gaining momentum as the days are passing and right now we are witnessing a solid tussle between Aly Goni and Kavita Kaushik. While the fans are divided over the arguments and verbal spats, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala feels that Aly is behaving like Paras Chhabra of the previous season. Talking to E Times, The Kaanta laga girl said, “This week was very interesting. The nomination task was also interesting as we got to witness half of the house getting nominated. But I did not understand why Aly Goni sent Abhinav inside for nomination, if he is friends with Rahul. I think Aly Goni’s game is getting exposed slowly. Host Salman Khan has also exposed his game during Weekend Ka Vaar. I have a problem with Aly, when he entered the show I felt wow a solid man has entered the game and he will play the game. But his game is coming across as dogli (very double faced). You know who he reminds me of, Paras Chhabra from season 13 at some places. Paras’ game was also the same, he had a pretentious friendship with a few ones to survive in the game.”

Shefali went on to say that Jasmin is mimicking Aly and asserted, “I want to say something about Jasmin here. When Aly walked in I thought maybe Jasmin was getting strong. I have this feeling that she is walking on a thin rope. If she crosses that line, she will come across as a negative person. For me she has still not crossed that line. Last week, also I told you that she should not be anyone’s puppet but I have a feeling that she’s mimicking Aly Goni. The way Aly fights with Kavita Kaushik and the language he uses, the way he passes comments and tries to irritate Kavita, I think Jasmin is also following the same thing. Jasmin is mimicking Aly, she should not do it. And Aly who has gone inside to play the game for Jasmin is on another trip.”

She added, “Jasmin’s game has gotten weak, she was first Rubina’s puppet and now Aly Goni’s puppet. I also saw Aly giving her advice that she should not irritate Kavita, but he’s doing the same things and she is getting influenced by her best friend. He is not helping Jasmin at all. He should remember the motive he has come inside with.”

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