Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Nikki Tamboli will break her friendship with Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nishant Singh Malkhani?

Bigg Boss 14’s last night’s episode had some fireworks. After a melodious musical evening, a lot of fights there came a moment when Nikki’s confirmed status was in jeopardy. It so happened that Bigg Boss threw a googly at the contestants asking them whether or not they think Nikki deserves to remain a confirmed contestant. The fiery contestant was taken aback when Bigg Boss asks the housemates to decide whether Nikki deserves to be a confirmed housemate. Surprisingly, Jaan who has been seen developing a special bond with Nikki put forth his opinion saying that she has got airs ever since she became a confirmed contestant. He told her that she has become too egotistical. Nishant agrees with Jaan’s point, however, they both believe that she deserves the confirmed tag as she has earned it. Nikki did not take this argument very well and fought back with Nishant and Jaan about not being a true friend and for taking a stand against her just to please the other contestants. Rubina appreciated Jaan’s point of view but pointed out that if he felt so, he should have pointed it out to her as and when she behaved badly. She went on to call out for their opportunistic behaviour bursting Nikki’s bubble of friendship.

Mid-way during the discussion when Rubina and Abhinav walked out of the living room area, Nikki went to talk to them both and asked them to reconsider their decision. Later on, when the contestants couldn’t come to a consensus Bigg Boss relieved Nikki by saying that she will continue to remain a confirmed contestant. However, the discussion on the same continued. Jaan fought with Eijaz saying that why did he say that his (Jaan’s) opinions are influenced. Eijaz told him that he put forth his point of view as Jaan was coming out as Nikki’s sidekick in the episode. Eijaz added that he gave him a suggestion by sharing his point of view which he took in the wrong way.

Nikki is furious with everyone calling her out on her behaviour. She gets angrier when she sees her friends, Jaan and Nishant had the same opinion about her. She called them both out and said that she did not want to remain friends with such people.

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