Bigg Boss 14: ‘My family, my daughter had no problems with my liking towards Aly Goni,’ says evicted contestant Sonali Phogat

Following the footsteps of Rakhi Sawant, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sonali Phogat, well into her late forties and a mother of one, claimed she likes fellow housemate Aly Goni, 29. Cougar love is not an alien syndrome in this whole wide world, and seeing it happen in Bigg Boss house would only seem natural, given the show’s slant at sensationalism. This time, though, it was tad different. Sonali was making her moves on Aly when the whole world has come to know he might marry Jasmin Bhasin once he is out of the house. Sonali has now been evicted from the Bigg Boss 14 house. While there were many people who felt that her family members including her daughter might feel awkward about her liking towards Aly, Sonali said that her parents are happy to see living her life on her own terms.

“I have spoken to my daughter, my mother, father and my family and they are not upset or unhappy about anything. They don’t find anything wrong in liking someone. They were not upset. On the other hand my team and my friend said what they felt and it was their opinion and as they had not spoken to me. They did not know how I felt or what my feelings were. My family, loved ones have no problem with anything that I said or did on the show. They still stand by me. In fact, my family is happy that their daughter is living her life on her own terms without getting scared or intimidated by anyone. They feel that even I have the right to be happy in life and they are very happy for me. In fact, my daughter has seen the show and she had no problems with my liking towards Aly Goni. Her favourite contestant is Rakhi Sawant after me,” Sonali told TOI in an interview.

Arshi Khan, who has been close to Sonali, was the first to know about the latter’s feelings. In a recent episode, Arshi was seen asking Sonali to play a stare game with Eijaz Khan and Aly. To this, Sonali said that she can do it with Eijaaz but not with Aly. When Aly insisted, she kept blushing and refused.

Later Sonali was seen discussing the subject with Rakhi, Rahul Vaidya and Arshi. Rakhi told Sonali that it’s okay to have feelings for someone. To tease Sonali, Rahul was heard singing the number “Teri aankhon ke siwa” for Sonali and Aly, and the duo danced to the song. Sonali was also heard saying that her name cannot be spelt without Aly’s name missing from it. Housemates were soon teasing them about making a hashtag — SonAli!

In a Midnight Masala episode. Aly was seen telling Sonali that it was completely okay that she felt for him but he has feelings for Jasmin. Aly was also seen explaining to other housemates that they should not tease him or Sonali as the latter has a daughter, who goes to school and might get affected by all this. However, Sonali was still seen flirting with Aly. In a recent episode she was heard saying she would clean the area near the room where Aly was sitting.

Sonali’s love angle crept into the show moments after she was nominated for eviction alongside names such as Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik.

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