Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: ‘Aapki jaban gandi hai,’ Jasmin Bhasin SLAMS Nikki Tamboli when asked why she should not be a confirmed contestant

Bigg Boss 14 has begun and is being loved by the fans. The show has had some really good performances in the second week. We saw different energy of the contestants after the first weekend ka vaar. They have been doing great in the house and fans are loving the new contestants. In the first week, we have been hearing only about Nikki Tamboli and her unique acts. Nikki has been playing well since the first day and is taking a stand for her rights since the start. His attitude and her energy in the task made her the senior’s favourite and eventually, she became the first contestant who is confirmed. However, as the tagline of Bigg Boss 14 says ‘scene paltega’ and we will see a shocking turn. Bigg Boss gives the TBC (To Be Confirmed) contestants a chance to decide whether they feel Nikki Tamboli should remain confirmed or she should be a TBC again like others.

Jasmin Bhasin puts forth her point and says that she thinks Nikki does not deserve to be confirm as she keeps changing her personality everything and says that her real face is very bad. Jasmin also says that she uses bad words. Nikki’s friend, Jaan Sanu says that she uses some words which cannot be taken back. Nishant tells Nikki that she talks baseless and Jasmin says that she has misused her privilege of being a senior. Jaan Sanu said that since the time she has become a confirmed contestant, she has become arrogant and over confident. Nishant joins in and says that Nikki feels superior as she is confirmed. Jasmin again says that she has played a dirty game always and Nikki gives it back by calling her foolish. Jaan also says that she needs to be herself. Later Nikki and Nishant talk to each other in the bathroom.

Nikki screams at him for saying all that and Nishant tells her not to shout at him. Nikki tells him people feel bad when the truth is out. Nikki says that if they knew she was wrong they could have corrected her as friends.

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