Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: ‘You are being unreasonable,’ Rubina Dilaik argues with Sidharth Shukla over kitchen duties

Bigg Boss 14 has begun and the second week went well. The contestants gave us an interesting show by doing the tasks really well. We also some major fights during these tasks in the house. Yesterday we saw a major fight between the seniors, Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan as well. They had been good friends but yesterday had a fight because of Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli’s task. Today we will see Rubina Dilaik going against the seniors. Yes, we have seen this from the first day that Rubina Dilaik has been one person who does not see whether it is a senior or a fresher, she just puts forth her opinion fearlessly. A promo has released where we see Gauahar Khan telling Sidharth that those who are cooking should also do chopping but they are not doing it. It is directed towards Rubina and she then says that today she will chop and others will cook.

Sidharth says that the one who does cooking should also do chopping and it is no use to ask someone to cook who does not know it. Rubina says that if everyone has a right on this house then they should work equally. She says that it is a huge task for two people to do chopping and cooking for 13 people. Sidharth is angry with Rubina and tells Gauahar that she has the right to decide the kitchen duties and she should remove Rubina and keep someone else. Rubina tells Sidharth that he is being unreasonable and being a senior he should have a stature and she also called him unfair. Take a look at this video.

Well, Rubina Dilaik is turning out to be a strong player and is taking a stand for herself every time. Fans are liking her personality.

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