Bigg Boss 14: Shardul Pandit REACTS on Rubina Dilaik’s ‘superiority complex’; says, ‘I never experienced it’ [Exclusive]

Shardul Pandit won hearts with his stint in Bigg Boss 14. The actor-anchor moved everyone with his honesty. BollywoodLife caught up with him for an EXCLUSIVE chat. He tells us, “I am getting immense love from one and all. I feel good that I have won hearts. This is very heart-warming, and if possible, I want to return on the show.” Shardul Pandit’s mother is undergoing treatment for a severe health issue. When Salman Khan said that he could approach him for help, we could see that Shardul was visibly moved. “I was truly humbled. To have one of the country’s biggest superstars say that, is very touching. I would be grateful if I can work with him in any capacity,” he says.

The current season has come under a lot of criticism. Viewers are saying that they cannot connect with the audiences. “Sacchai nahi hai…(there is no honesty). People cannot connect when they do not see that honesty,” he says. Shardul Pandit is also upset that housemates are criticizing the show inside the house. “If they are not interested, they can leave and make place for someone who will appreciate the platform. This is not right,” he states.

We also asked him about whom does he see as the winner. “I feel Rubina Dilaik has the highest chances. Firstly, she has a tremendous fan base. She is playing well without resorting to bad language or outbursts. She is very vocal. When Rubina Dilaik puts across her points, everyone is silenced. I feel these are great qualities. I also see Kavita Kaushik, Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya as top five contenders,” he says.

When we asked Shardul Pandit about what does he feel about Rubina Dilaik’s alleged superiority complex, he says, “To be honest, I have never experienced it. Her stardom is way higher than mine, but she never demeaned me. In fact, Rubina always maintains that she can be voted out any time. I have not seen that superiority complex in her,” he opines.

He says he is keen to go inside once again. “I feel I was way too emotional inside. I will play a bit more selfishly if I go inside again,” states Shardul.

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