Bigg Boss 14: Was Abhinav Shukla’s jibe at Rahul Vaidya about sending DMs to girls derogatory? Vote now

Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya end up having a huge clash During the new Bigg Boss 14 captaincy task. Rubina loses her cool when Rahul blames her for supporting Abhinav Shukla and not playing the game on her own. He says that Abhinav always acts as her nalla and sasta advocate and taunts Rubina, who in turn asks him to not talk about her husband and not joke about him.

Later, Rahul and Rubina get into a heated argument. Rahul takes a dig at Rubina by calling her Shikshika after she corrects him over how the word Sinhasan is spelled. Abhinav too jumps into the argument and calls him gutter mouth and pappu singer. Rahul again takes the sasta vakil jibe at him in his response.

As the argument between Rahul and Abhinav intensifies, Abhinav takes a jibe at Rahul accusing him of sending direct messages to girls while pretending to be single. Rahul defends himself saying that whoever he has DMed, those girls were his friends and they didn’t have any issues with it.

As soon the captaincy tasks starts, all hell breaks loose and the contestants were seen rushing to make Red Hearts and Black Hearts. Jasmin was the first one to get riled up and causes a whole lot of mayhem in both Red and Black Heart camps. As the King, Rahul was also seen destroying materials needed to make hearts, to which Rubina objected, as both King and Queen cannot participate actively in the task.

As both Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya failed to establish mutual consent to determine the winner, Bigg Boss cancelled the task and eluded all the contestants of the captaincy race.

But this particular jibe taken by Abhinav at Rahul can have a different meaning and context to it. Since, it seems pretty difficult to analyze what could be the actual intention behind it, we decided to conduct a poll to see what majority of the audience think about the said incident.

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