Billie Shepherd reveals her horror as she shares fears her house is rat infested

Former TOWIE star Billie Shepherd has confessed she hasn’t slept in days after hearing rustling under her bed and fearing her house is infested with either rats or mice.

Talking to her sister Sam Faiers on the latest episode of their podcast The Sam & Billie Show, Billie retold how about a week ago she heard something under her bed at night and freaked out.

The 32 year old admitted she and daughter Nelly had been indulging in some biscuits before bed, and a ginger nut packet had obviously dropped onto the floor – and that night the rodent made its move.

“Nelly has come in for a cuddle she’s had a ginger nut, she’s obviously thrown the packet on the floor or its dropped off the bed or something," she explained.

That night I’ve woken up I can hear this mad rustling, almost like someone’s got a crisp packet rustling under my bed, so I’m like freaking out. I’ve jumped up and looked where I can hear the noise from and I just see a ginger nut pack move.”

While her husband Greg slept soundly, Billie sprung out of bed and went to sleep with her five-year-old son, Arthur.

The next day Greg teased that Billie was imagining it all, telling her she was going mad. Yet when they pulled out the bedside table they found a shredded ginger nut packet. “It was like it had been shredded with teeth and then the paint of the bedside table had been gnawed off.”

Pest control are now on the case, but the mother of two was shocked to hear that this could be a six week process. When he said that Billie exclaimed “a six week process?! I’m expected to live with a mouse or a rat under my bed for six weeks?!”

“It’s horrible because every night I am not sleeping.”

Yet the culprit is still unknown, with pest control unsure whether it is a mouse or rat. "He thinks possibly a rat as there’s not loads of droppings," she said.

And it’s effecting the whole family. The couple’s eight-year-old daughter Nelly came into Billie’s room in the middle of the night saying, “Mummy I can hear the mouse in my room, it’s like scratching at the walls.”

The TV personality explained pest control have installed monitors that lure the mice in, but they don’t kill them.

Listening to the story made younger sister Sam feel “really funny. That’s really awful, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this".

But while Sam offered her words of sympathy, husband Greg is apparently finding the situation rather amusing. “Greg thinks it’s hilarious,” says Billie.


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