‘BIP’: Kevin Wendt Confirms Ashley I. Cheated On Him With Jared Haibon — ‘It Really Hurt Me’

Ashley Iaconetti was still dating Kevin Wendt when Jared Haibon professed his love to her, and on the premiere of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Kevin gave a deeper insight into the overlap of the two relationships.

Kevin Wendt spilled the tea on his split from Ashley Iaconetti during the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise! In case you forgot, Kevin and Ashley fell for each other on Bachelor Winter Games, which filmed last November and aired in February. However, when Ashley returned home from filming in a relationship, Jared Haibon finally realized (after THREE YEARS) that he wanted to be with her. Kevin and Ashley eventually split, and she and Jared confirmed they were dating in May. At that time, Ashley said that she initially turned Jared down after his confession of love because she wanted to give Kevin a chance, but Kevin has a different story to tell.

“When Ashley and I left Winter Games, I knew I wanted to marry her one day, and then, all of a sudden, Jared flips the switch and now he wants to be with her,” Kevin explained on the BIP premiere. “I did try to make it work, but if you kiss another guy while your’e dating someone else, that’s cheating in my book. It really hurt me. I heard through the Bachelor grapevine that Ashley and Jared are dating now, so…time to move on.” He didn’t specify the details of the alleged cheating or when it went down, but he clearly wasn’t happy about it.

Ashley first fell for Jared on season two of Bachelor in Paradise, but after an initial connection, he admitted he wasn’t interested in her that same way. She tried to win his heart again on the show’s third season, but again, she was turned down. Ashley cried MANY tears over Jared on TV, and it took him quite some time to realize that he loved the person right in front of him.

As we already know, Ashley and Jared returned to Paradise this summer, where he proposed after just a few months of dating. We’ll have to see how this season plays out to find out if Kevin is also as lucky in his journey for love!

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