Blac Chyna’s Mother Calls Her A ‘Mistake… Statutory Rape Baby’ In Horrifying Rant

Blac Chyna’s feud with her mother, Tokyo Toni just escalated to a disturbing level. In a new video rant, Toni goes off on Chyna, claiming she was a mistake among other awful things. Watch with caution — explicit language ahead.

Blac Chyna‘s mother Tokyo Toni, 48, slams the model, 30, in a horrific new video rant and it’s evident their ongoing feud is far from over. “Blac Chyna, the name I gave you was Angela Renee. The disrespect that you have been giving me for the past quite a few years, I’ve tolerated it because I’m your mama, you the only child. But you better keep in mind I’m a bad bitch,” Toni said in an Instagram clip reposted by The Shade Room on Sunday, July 29. The clip continued with Toni saying, “You know exactly who you f–kin’ with. That’s why every chance you motherf–kin’ get, bitch, you breathe my whole motherf–kin’ name.”

Toni, whose real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter, went on to claim that her daughter “wouldn’t be where the f–k you are if wasn’t for me.” — That’s when things took a dark turn. Toni then claimed Chyna’s birth wasn’t planned. “F–k birthing you, b–ch. That was a mistake, just happened to come into play. You was a statutory rape baby.” Chyna has not yet addressed her mother’s latest rant.

Toni’s latest videos came just a few days after she attempted to reach out to Chyna’s best friend, Amber Rose, 34, in hopes of Rose helping her see her grandkids, in another video rant on Instagram. As you may know, Chyna has two children, who Toni claims the model will not let her near. — A son King, 5, with ex-boyfriend Tyga, 28, and daughter Dream, 20 months, with ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian, 31.

“Hey @amberrose you are the only person that I know that knows my daughter who does not fear her,” Toni began her plea to Rose. “Can you do me a favor if it’s anywhere deep in your heart can you please tell her I said let me see those kids!” Toni wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, July 25. “I’m so very sorry to come at you in this way on social media but there’s no other way. You are a Libra Amber and you know where I’m going with this. I have not seen these kids and she’s punishing me for nothing!”

This wasn’t the first time Toni has reached out about her grandkids on social media. Back in May, she went off in a multi-video rant, where she slammed Chyna for allegedly keeping King and Dream away from her. Toni claimed she hasn’t seen her grandkids in two years, adding that Chyna allegedly wouldn’t answer her calls. Toni later demanded an apology, also claiming that Chyna wouldn’t spare her money to eat.

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