Bollywood actresses who openly talked about pay disparity

Priyanka Chopra shared why she opened up on pay disparity in Bollywood  

Pay parity does not exist in the Indian film industry and neither in Bollywood. Currently, pay disparity in Bollywood is being widely discussed everywhere. There’s a huge difference in the remunerations of Indian actors and Indian actresses. Directors and producers mount films based on the names and successes of heroes. A couple of weeks ago, Priyanka Chopra opened the floodgates of pay disparity in Bollywood. She had revealed that she would not even ask for equal pay but a little more only to be refused. In this Photo gallery, we will explore actresses who have openly talked about pay disparity in the Bollywood industry. 

Taapee Pannu opened up on pay disparity in Bollywood  

The Haseen Dilruba actress once quipped that if a woman asks about higher pay, they are considered to be problematic and are termed difficult to deal with. But when a man asks for higher pay, it is deemed as his success. 

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Deepika Padukone on pay disparity: I wouldn’t be able to live with that thought 

The Fighter actress shares that she won’t be able to live with the thought that after having the same creative contribution and adding the same value to the film, but getting underpaid. 

When Sonam Kapoor opened up on pay disparity in Bollywood  

Sonam Kapoor has Blind coming up next. The actress talked about pay disparity on Karan Johar’s chat show saying that it was about time that as women, as artist and actors, they get their dues. 

Vidya Balan on pay disparity in Bollywood 

Vidya Balan feels that there’s a huge pay gap between male and female actors but is determined to fight and cross that bridge. Vidya has been a part of a lot of female-centric hit films. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan talks about changes in pay disparity in Bollywood 

During an interview with The Guardian, Kareena had talked about how years ago nobody would even think about having a discussion about the pay gap. But now people are being vocal and there’s a shift. Kareena says that she is clear with what she wants and believes that the respect should be given. She says that it’s not about being demanding but being respectful towards women. 

Anushka Sharma on pay disparity in Bollywood

Anushka had slammed the disparity and discrimination on gender basis in the industry saying that even if an actor is of the same stature as her, he would get better pay and on an outdoor shoot, a better room too. 

Katrina Kaif on pay disparity in Bollywood 

The Tiger 3 actress shares that she would often discuss with the producers she has worked with to mount the same amount of money on female-centric films or films with two female leads. 

Rakulpreet Singh on pay disparity in Bollywood 

Thank God actress has a different opinion. She says that pay parity should be based on the content and the ability to pull the crowd to theatres and not based on gender. Rakul says that Priyanka is a global star and has the power to get the crowd to theatres. 

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