Can’t Sleep? Ask Our Experts

Experts Roopashree Sharma, Namita Piparaya, Dr Kathiyayani Mahadevan and Dr Ashit Hegde answer your sleep related queries.

You’re in bed.

Staring at the ceiling.

It’s dark.

You’re comfortable.

Yet, the elusive goddess, Sleep, won’t be tempted.

So you stay awake, tossing and turning.

How familiar is this scenario?

How many of you struggle with falling asleep and then sleeping though the night to wake up refreshed the next day?

As we all know, the sleeping hours are when our body repairs itself. Not getting enough sleep affects every part of our part of our body and leads to numerous health issues.

If sleep is the health issue you are struggling with, our experts can help.

Do send your questions to:

Roopashree Sharma — health and wellness expert

Namita Piparaya — yoga and wellness expert

Dr Kathiyayani Mahadevan — general physician

Dr Ashit Hegde — consultant physician, internal medicine and critical care expert

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