Casey White Prison Guard Had Gun In Her Hand After Police Chase Ended in Crash

Vicky White, the former prison guard accused of helping murder suspect Casey White escape from an Alabama jail, had a gun in her hand when a police chase ended in a car crash.

The Evansville Indiana Police Department in Illinois just released bodycam footage from Monday’s capture, and you see Casey being hauled away as an officer arrives at their overturned pickup truck.

Vicky is still inside the car, and as officers try to figure out how to free her from the wreckage they note she has a firearm in her hand with her finger on the trigger and is still breathing, despite a gunshot wound.

After a few minutes, police are finally able to pull Vicky’s limp body through the sunroof and out of the truck, but not before prying the gun from her hands.

As we reported … Casey and Vicky were on the run after she allegedly helped him escape last month from an Alabama prison, and they were tracked and chased by authorities in Evansville, with a pursuit ending when U.S. Marshals rammed the vehicle Casey and Vicky were driving in.

Vicky then allegedly shot herself in the head, and this video ends before she’s taken to a local hospital … where she died from her injuries.

Casey was uninjured in the crash and is being extradited back to Alabama, where he’s suspected of murder … posing for a new mug shot Monday and frowning.

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