Chrisean Rock Admits to Feeling ‘Most Stress Free’ After Blueface Split

After calling it quits with the ‘Disrespectful’ rapper, the ‘Word to My Brother’ raptress announces to her social media followers that she is ‘the most stress free’ than she had ever been.

AceShowbizChrisean Rock has admitted to feeling “the most stress free” than she had ever been. After calling it quits with Blueface, the “Word to My Brother” raptress opened up via social media post how she is currently doing.

On Saturday, July 29, the 23-year-old tweeted, “I love dealing with people on my terms [a smiling face with tears of joy emoji] dat compromising s**t ain’t it wen u a boss. I been the most stress free I ever been.” On the reason why, she stated, “I got my lor starker here n there . I got my best friends close asf n I got freedom to be dat b***h 24/7.”

Chrisean Rock shared feeling ‘the most stress free’ she had ever been on Twitter.

Chrisean’s statement post-split from Blueface quickly gathered responses. In the replies section, one Twitter user penned, “Girl you are out chasing him down at 8 months pregnant… fighting strippers for being on him? Idk what’s bad about a female literally not letting go of a man and trying to convince herself that messing with him on her terms is a flex. It’s called settling. You settled as a side.”

Another joined in, “You deserve whatever yall got going. your child will see him go home to that other family and it will see how he embarrasses you every time yall beef. He treat you like trash in public but is nice behind closed doors ? Smh.”

Chrisean’s honest tweet came one month after she mocked Blueface. In late June, she wrote on Twitter, “Bla bla bla we don’t wan hear tht sob story.” That same month, the “Vibe” spitter unleashed a snap displaying her text messages with her former partner via Instagram.

Chrisean’s post uncovered that It could be seen that Blueface sent a text to her that read, “If you don’t know what to chose ima always tell you chose the money I love you have a goodnight. You have enough money you have enough people to help you.” Along with it, she let out a number of photos from her concerts and wrote, “The greatest motivation , is disrespect.”

On June 29, Chrisean was blamed by Blueface for his house arrest. On his Instagram Story post, he claimed, “I’m only on house arrest cuz I took all the charges for Rock. Y you think their is no warrant for her arrest. Y would I let her stay in my house when I’m stuck in another state and I got my BM ready to drive me with the kids.”

“Rock is out [Jaidyn Alexis] is in it’s that simple,” he continued. “The best female is gone start none personal. I said no I’ll take the deal an plead guilty cuz her name is all in the work.”

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