Chrisean Rock Appears to Expose Blueface as Bisexual

During a bizarre livestream with Kai Cenat, the ‘South Central Baddies’ star goes off over a question about whether the ‘Thotiana’ rapper has ever been with a little person or not.

AceShowbizChrisean Rock has seemingly exposed Blueface as a bisexual. The on-and-off couple had a scuffle over a question that seemingly sparked the raptress’ jealousy during a recent livestream, prompting her to low-key reveal her boyfriend’s sexuality.

Chrisean and Blueface recently appeared on Kai Cenat’s livestream, where they got to talk about everything and do bizarre things. When the “Thotiana” hitmaker was asked whether he was ever with a m****t, Chrisean suddenly got suspicious.

She confronted the 25-year-old rapper about whether he was being with “a girl or a guy.” She angrily asked, “Who? Who? Was it a girl or a guy?” Seemingly flustered, Blueface asked back, “What? What kind of question is that?”

“So it’s a girl?” Chrisean assumed based on Blueface’s response, but he got coy as he said, “I’m trying to relate, bro?” Chrisean, meanwhile, grew angrier as she demanded an explanation, asking, “Why are you relating? What are you relating for?”

Chrisean then pushed Blueface and threw thing at him as he quipped, “I told you I took self defense classes.”

During the livestream, Chrisean showed her violent streak several times. She suddenly threw a chair at Kais’ wall, putting a hole on it. The boys went silent for a few seconds, before Chrisean and Blueface laughed it off. She also slammed Kai’s dad onto a chair.

Social media users quickly weighed in on the two’s interaction in the video, with one person alleging that Chrisean is the instigator, “Why is she hitting him? Now, he turns around and pushes her… he will be wrong. I think she is the problem… cause wtf?” Another opined, “She really needs to keep her hands to herself….I want her to meet her match so fkkin bad yo….” Someone else added, “This girl seriously need help! This is sad.”

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