Duchess Meghan’s Ms. Foundation award is ‘a slap in the face’ to King Charles

Tonight, the Duchess of Sussex will be honored at the 2023 Women of Vision Awards in New York. It’s so exciting – we haven’t seen Meghan at a big, public event since last December (the Ripple of Hope Award). We have seen her out and about recently though – going to a Lakers game with Harry and the Archewell team, going for a hike with friends, going to a private club in LA, going out for sushi last Friday. Still, I hope there’s a red carpet tonight and I hope we get lots of photos. You know who’s mad about all of this? Royal commentators. They find it “tacky” that Meghan would accept a feminism award in New York when there’s no way they could have forced her to show up for her father-in-law’s sad hat party in London. From Christopher Andersen’s interview with Fox News:

Meghan’s absence from the Chubbly: Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” told Fox News Digital the timing couldn’t have been more wrong, considering that the duchess was noticeably absent from “the single most important moment in Charles’ life and a singular moment in world history…What a slap in the face to the man who walked her down the aisle when her own father didn’t show up at her wedding, and to the country she adopted, for better or worse, as her own.”

Charles deserves Meghan’s charity!!! “You know, charity begins at home. Much of the time Harry looks like a fish out of water, and you don’t have to be an expert to see he’s still hurting. If she is truly a sensitive and caring person, she would make it her top priority to help mend her husband’s relationship with his brother Prince William and the king. Marrying into the royal family, accepting a title, and then bailing to take advantage of your new global superstar status seems, well, tacky.”

Andersen doesn’t think Meghan will go into politics: “As I’ve said before, Meghan is aiming to be the next Oprah – a multimedia titan with real political clout. She won’t run for office because I think she is far too thin-skinned. But she does want to have an impact on the next election. Meghan is very outspoken about issues and candidates, so expect to see her on the campaign trail.”

Meghan has a life of her own, sob: “She’s making it clear that she has a life of her own, doing the things she thinks are important. She also seems to be saying that getting a trophy from Gloria Steinem is more important to her than seeing her husband’s dad crowned king of England. It’s an in-your-face gesture aimed at the royal family she just snubbed. Funny, though, isn’t it – that she would essentially give up being a senior member of the royal family and all that goes with it, just to be another influencer. Like so much else in Meghan’s life, this award is no accident. Not long after moving to Montecito, she made a point of befriending Steinem – as she has so many other movers and shakers.”

[From Fox News]

I’m laughing my ass off at how salty this comes across. “Why didn’t she take pity on poor decrepit Charles, why didn’t she show up to comfort Harry as we heaped abuse on both of them, why does she get to live her own life without our input???” Somebody call the waaaahmbulance. “Marrying into the royal family, accepting a title, and then bailing to take advantage of your new global superstar status seems, well, tacky.” Counterpoint: Meghan doesn’t owe anyone a f–king thing. Furthermore, that wasn’t the quid pro quo y’all had arranged for her. Meghan believed that by accepting the title and marrying Harry, she was devoting her life to public service. She didn’t believe that she was signing up to be a national punching bag, nor did she believe that by “marrying Harry,” she deserved to be driven to suicidal ideation.

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