First-Ever Queensrÿche Biography To Be Published By NW Metalworx

NW Metalworx Music has announced that a biography about progressive metal act Queensrÿche will be published in late 2021.

Written by James R. Beach, with Brian L. Naron and Brian J. Heaton, “Building An Empire: The Story Of Queensrÿche” takes a deep dive into Queensrÿche, from its original members’ musical beginnings in the high schools of suburban Seattle to the group’s rise to stardom in the 1990s.

“Building An Empire: The Story Of Queensrÿche” is an unauthorized account, featuring interviews with the band members themselves and various associated people from Queensrÿche’s almost 40-year history—including managers, producers, crew members, family, friends and peers.

Paul Suter, the acclaimed writer from Kerrang! who broke Queensrÿche’s story in early 1983, will write the book’s Foreword.

The first such book to be written about the Seattle-based band will be available on NW Metalworx Music’s website, and at retailers such as

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