Gemma Collins forced to call the police after scary troll threatened to break her jaw

Gemma Collins has revealed that she was once forced to call the police after an anonymous troll threatened to break her jaw if they ever saw her in the street.

The former TOWIE star, 42, shared the story amid calls from stronger online safety measures, adding that while she's less bothered by these trolls now that she's older, she still gets shaken by some of the more over-the-top ones.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Gemma Collins podcast, she said: "I don't give a s**t what people think of me. That comes with age, when I was a bit younger I was probably a bit bothered and people used to troll me.

"I was shocked. I was deleting messages on my phone because I thought, 'new year, new messages.' Someone had messaged me saying, 'You are one ugly, fat b***h. If I see you in the street I'm going to break your jaw.'

Explaining what happened next, the TV star continued: "I did contact the police, because no one should be messaging that and clearly that person is not in a sane mind if he's messaging that to me. Who else is he messaging it to?"

Criticising the current online systems used for dealing with trolls, Gemma called for anyone who "abuses" others on social media should be banned from it.

"One problem I have got is you report all this to Instagram and they do nothing about it. Anyone who abuses Instagram or sends a bad, hateful, insightful message to someone should be banned for life.

"They should not be allowed to use the platform. I would love to see that happen in 2023."

Gemma has previously spoken out about some of the struggles that have come with her fame, and last year revealed that she spends £500 a night on security when she goes out.

Appearing on the Postcards from the Edge podcast, Gemma revealed that she barely leaves the house now, due to going out being a “hassle” as she always gets recognised.

Gemma said that when she does leave, she has to bring security, and shared that on a recent trip to Winter Wonderland in London, she paid £500 per night for close protection security so she wouldn’t be bombarded by fans.

She said: "I was getting like a bit of a recluse. I was getting reclusive but I wasn't depressed or anything, but I was like 'oh no, if I go out it's going to be hassle.’

"My friends then get asked to take loads of pictures, then I get really bad anxiety about it and then I'd end up staying at home and everyone would come to me, I live in the country now, I moved way out of it all.”

Gemma shared that her therapist encouraged her to politely decline photo requests if she doesn’t feel in the mood, however she admitted she “always says yes” to young fans.

The reality star said that, due to her “distinctive voice”, it’s difficult to slip under the radar whenever she does venture out.


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