Get a sneak peek inside Singapore Airlines’ seriously lavish first class suites

The chance to have an ounce of extra leg room or recline our seat a little further – without exasperating the passsenger behind us – is usually the best you can hope for on a long-haul flight.

But it turns out we haven’t been setting our hopes high enough. In fact, we’re talking 30,000 foot high ambitions and the opportunity to luxuriate – yep, it’s a word – in Singapore Airlines’ first class suites.

And we were given an exclusive sneak peek which we’ve shared with our video tour.

The airline has six lavish suites on offer, all with own mechanised seats no less, a fold out bed, a large TV screen, delicious fresh food, and flowing drinks of your choice.

Not to mention the wonderful service from staff members in beautiful ornate Singaporean uniforms (the sort of uniform that’s worth getting out of bed and going to work in… seriously).

The ‘call of nature’ is even one to bask in. There are two stylishly-furnished lavatories,one of which even has a sit-down vanity counter. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of, oui?

Back in the suites’ main room, everything has been tailored for total comfort.

According to the airline: "The seat is upholstered by world-renowned Poltrona Frau in fine leather, and is fully adjustable using an electronic control side panel which can accommodate a variety of sitting and lounging positions.

"The swivel capability of the chair (between 135 and 270 degrees) with recline up to 45 degrees provides added flexibility for dining and relaxation."

The meals are served on bone china by Wedgwood and specially designed for Singapore Airlines. The main course is crafted by an acclaimed International Culinary Panel of chefs from around the world.

We shouldn’t ask for anything less. Ever. Again.

And while the suites are the stuff of dreams, the price is a little less inviting.

Inside Singapore Airlines’ VERY luxurious new onboard suites complete with a full-sized wardrobe and HD TV

Return flights start from just under £7000; suddenly our dreams are plummeting back to Earth. With that price tag, our heads can’t afford to be in the clouds.

But for those who can afford to splash out, Singapore Airlines is offering up a one-of-kind experience.

You have the capacity to gaze in your vanity counter for hours with only a queue of four others outside the lavatory, at most. Who doesn’t seek to find such situations?

I’ve been searching my whole life for this. Pretty psyched for the future, now I know this is a reality I can aspire towards.

A flight from London Heathrow to Singapore is a long one – roughly 13 hours. The chance to travel with enough room to swing a cat, dog or another human being is one to be welcomed.

That’s if you have the budget of course. Singapore Airlines, we salute you.

How much?

Returns from London Heathrow to Singapore start from £6980, while returns from London Heathrow to Sydney start from £7480. Fares include all taxes and are subject to availability – book through .

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