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Tonight’s episode begins with Vikram telling Antara that he will come to take her in the morning and tells her that he is proud that she has taken a correct path. Vikram tells Guddan that he has some work and will be back tomorrow to take back Antara with him. Antara then tells Guddan that she has now accepted whatever Guddan told her to do so now Guddan should hand-over all the proofs to her. Guddan asks Antara what type of person she is as she has done all the drama so that her truth doesn’t get revealed in front of everyone. Guddan tells Antara that now she will not give her the proof unless Antara accepts her mistakes and keeps the pendrive in the locker. Guddan then tells Antara that she can live her last day in the house today happily and leaves. On the other hand Durga begins to pack Antara’s bag when Antara enters and asks her what is she doing. Durga tells her that she is packing her bags as she has lost against Guddan and will be leaving the house tomorrow. Durga says that it was her mistake that she supported Antara and made a fun of herself. She tells Antara that now Guddan will remain their mother-in-law and also Akshat’s wife. Antara gets angry and shouts at Durga. She reminds Durga that she is still her mother-in-law and Durga must learn how to speak to her mother-in-law. Antara says she will remain their mother-in-law and also Akshat’s wife as it is not easy to defeat Antara so soon.

Meanwhile Akshat is in kitchen and is lost in Guddan’s thoughts who had always trusted him and supported him. Akshat is in tears as he thinks of Guddan when Guddan enters the kitchen and sees tears in Akshat’s eyes. Guddan asks him what has happened to which Akshat says that he is chopping the onions which is why there are tears in his eyes. Guddan offers to help Akshat in cooking but he refuses and says that he is making a special dish for her. Guddan asks Akshat not to lie as she is aware that onions are not the reason why there are tears in Akshat’s eyes. Akshat asks her that how does she comes to know everything. Akshat tells her that he is happy as his trust on himself has won today and he will never betray Guddan. Guddan wipes Akshat’s tears and they both share some romantic moments while they cook together. Dadi on the other hands cries and prays to God when Akshat comes there. He asks dadi why is she crying to which dadi says that she was about to do a big mistake by separating him and Guddan. She tells Akshat that she is sorry that she did not listen to him and Guddan and asks Akshat to forgive her. Akshat tells her that how can a son be angry with his mother and says he is not angry. Dadi tells Akshat that he should now tell Guddan his feelings for her and be with her forever. Laxmi enters the kitchen where Guddan is happily cooking. She asks Guddan why is she so happy today and teases her. Laxmi tells Guddan that she should now express her feelings for Akshat to him. Guddan tells Laxmi that yes she is right and she will tell Akshat her feelings tonight. Durga overhears their conversation and reveals it to Antara. Antara tells Durga that Guddan won’t be able to do so. Durga tells Antrara to stop assuming and do something to stop them. She tells Antara that Guddan and Akshat will be together from today and Antara will be out of the house tomorrow. Durga says that Guddan has won and Antara has to leave tomorrow to which Antara says that there is still time. She says that she has one whole night and will separate Guddan and Akshat. Antara goes to Akshat’s room and tells him that she is sorry as he had to go through a lot of issues due to her. She tells him that she is sorry and asks him to atleast smile so that she can leave happily and tries to hug him. Akshat stops her and tells her that she needs to understand that he loves Guddan now. Antara tells him sorry as she came in between of them and says it is better that she leaves the house. Antara leaves while Akshat decides to tell Guddan his feelings tonight. Antara decides to separate Guddan and Akshat and begins her planning. While Antara is walking around and planning she comes across Laxmi. She says sorry to Laxmi and asks her if she is fine. Laxmi tells her that it is good that Antara has finally realised her mistake of coming in between of Guddan and Akshat’s relationship. She tells Antara that if she had confessed all that she did yesterday then Guddan and Akshat wouldn’t have had faced so many issues. Antara tells Laxmi that she is her mother-in-law and she must speak to her with respect. Laxmi tells her that she is not their mother-in-law . She tells Antara that Antara never cared for her daughter-in-laws while Guddan treated nicely. Laxmi tells Antara that she has lots of work and asks her to move aside. Laxmi leaves while Antara decides to separate Guddan and Akshat at any cost tonight.

Akshat is in the living area where Guddan comes. Both of them are lost in thoughts about expressing their feelings. Guddan comes near Akshat is about to express her feelings but falls as she gets stuck due to a wire while Akshat saves her. They both share a romantic moment and later Guddan says that she has forgotten what she wanted to say and leaves. Guddan thinks that she should think of way where she can express her feelings to Akshat without having to say it directly. Akshat also decides to share his feelings with Guddan. Will they both be able to express their feelings or will Antara be successfull in separating them. Stay hooked to find out.

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