Harmony Montgomery Disappearance: Little Brother's Family Gets Chilling Warning As Cops Uncover Possible Evidence

Police in New Hampshire continue to investigate the chilling disappearance of Harmony Montgomery — and it sounds like they could be getting close to answers.

However, the answers apparently aren’t likely to be what loved ones will want to hear. And now, cops are warning extended family members and concerned onlookers to brace for bad news. Absolutely heartbreaking…

Of course, we’ve been covering the story of Harmony’s disappearance for a while. The little girl, who turned eight years old earlier this month, was last definitively seen in 2019 before vanishing. Sadly, a series of administrative errors involving state payments for Harmony to her birth parents — Adam Montgomery and his now-estranged wife Kayla Montgomery — made it so that the little girl’s disappearance wasn’t actually reported to authorities until December 2021.

Now, cops are playing catch-up in the New Hampshire city of Manchester as they try to determine Harmony’s whereabouts. Both Adam and Kayla have since been arrested, though so far on various fraud charges unrelated to Harmony’s disappearance.

Still, there are new developments. On Tuesday, we reported that law enforcement officials took a refrigerator out of Adam Montgomery’s former home in Manchester along with several other items. And now the adoptive father of Harmony’s 5-year-old brother Jamison is speaking out about what police apparently told him to expect in the case.

Blair Miller, who The Sun reports previously adopted Jamison along with his husband Johnathon, told the news outlet that cops have braced the family for bad news:

“We wanted answers, and now we’re afraid of it. The U.S. Marshals and DA’s office are telling us to standby and they’ll let us know as soon as they can but prepare for the worst.”

Oh no…

And Blair is understandably dreading whatever may come.

The adoptive dad is already steadying himself for a life-changing conversation with Jamison, as he explained to the news org:

“We’re realizing we’re going to have to have that conversation with him. We were trying to keep hope alive, but that hope is being ripped away from us. We are now thinking how are we going to explain this to Jamison? How is this going to impact him when he’s 10, 15, 21, an adult? There are no answers.”

Just last Tuesday, per the outlet, the Millers celebrated Harmony’s eighth birthday in absentia with a cake. At one point during the party, Jamison wished that his older sister would “have a good birthday” and blew her a kiss. Now, the adopted little boy’s father is crushed over what may come next from law enforcement.

Still, Miller said he is ultimately steadied by detectives’ hard work in response in this case:

“One is law enforcement being so involved and keeping us informed and the other is the community. It’s been therapeutic reading all the messages of love for Jamison and our family. I feel like they want answers like we do and are concerned about Harmony and Jamison like we are.”

FWIW, authorities still have not disclosed what they are looking for — or what they may have found — after their search of Adam Montgomery’s former residence this week.

Here is more on this week’s high-profile search, from CBS Boston (below):

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has consistently denied media requests for comment in the case, and did so again on Wednesday, according to multiple media outlets.

We can only hope investigators are getting closer to uncovering Harmony’s whereabouts — most especially for her sake, and that of her little brother and his family.

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