‘Harry’s documentary has left Royals feeling despairing’, says royal expert

Harry andMeghan’sNetflix documentary will have left theRoyal Family feeling “despairing, dismayed and disappointed”, an expert claimed.

Former BBC correspondent Jennie Bond added the allegations being thrown out by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were becoming “unpleasant and dirty”.

King Charles will have also been left feeling “distraught” as the fallout from the show rumbles on, Ms Bond said.

The first three episodes of the six-part Harry & Meghan docuserieslanded on Netflix last week – on Thursday 8 December. The second volume is set to air on Thursday (15 December).

Ms Bond, speaking exclusively toOK!, said: “The three words that come to mind when I consider how the Royal Family must be feeling during the run up to the release of the next three episodes are despairing, dismayed and disappointed.

“They’ll be hurt and pained. Charles must be distraught that this is going on and on.”

In the latest bombshell trailer for Harry & Meghan on Netflix, the couple discuss their experiences of life in the Royal Family – with Meghan, 41, saying she felt like she was being“fed to the wolves”.

Meanwhile, Harry, 38, appeared to take a swipe atPrince William and The Firm –accusing the monarchy of “institutional gaslighting”.

In the trailer, he added ‘they were happy to lie to protect my brother’ but ‘were never willing to tell the truth to protect us’.

Ms Bond said: “We’ve got sources from the palace denying having done any harm to Harry and Meghan – we can’t determine who is telling the truth.

“So, I think the onus has to be on Harry and Meghan who are making the allegations to stand them up and stop throwing out general slurs against their family.

“It’s getting really unpleasant and dirty. Harry talked about it being a ‘dirty game’, well this is dirty.

“We’ve seen so much of the Royal Family’s dirty laundry aired in public and this is a whole lot more. Can’t they sort this out privately?”

Ms Bond also claimed the decision to include a clip of Diana's Panorama interview in the Netflix series was“blatantly, openly and pointedly hurtful” to Prince William.

The Prince of Wales, 40, has previously said that the 1995 BBC programmeshould never be shown again after it was revealed how shamed journalist Martin Bashir used deceitful tactics to convince Diana to take part in it.

However, midway through the first episode of the Harry & Meghan documentary,clips are shown of Diana speaking in the controversial interview – which is said to have left William"furious".

Ms Bond also claimed that the King, 74, will not directly respond unless there is a“direct hit” on 75 year oldCamilla, Queen Consort.

Royal author Tom Bower, meanwhile, has claimed that Harry’s apparent dig at brother William would have left his late motherPrincess Diana "appalled at his disloyalty".


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