‘Hey Bappa, bless all of us!’

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For the last 17 years, Rishikesh Tiwari from Vikhroli, north east Mumbai, has been bringing Lord Ganesha home.

‘After two years of pandemic, Bappa arrived now this year and solved all our COVID and other issues,’ says Rishi.

‘Bappa sitting in relaxing pose in darbar as Maha Vishnu Avtar. Two mushak are hand painted.

‘Ridhhi Sidhdhi are also with our Bappa. Hey Bappa, bless all of us!!!!!

‘Entire decoration is self-made, majority of the items are from waste. Thermocol is strictly not used.

Murti is of sadhu mitti.

Visarjan will be done in artificial pond created by MCGM near to our residence.’

The Tiwari family keeps Bappa at home for five days. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Nalini Kudalkar says, ‘I don’t bring Lord Ganesha idol home, but I do pooja to a small miniature idol.

‘After a long time, visited Girgaoncha Raja at Charni Road (south Mumbai).

‘After the pandemic, this is my first visit to a Ganesha pandal.’


Sandeep S Shah, an architect and engineer, prays to Lord Ganesha at his residence at Andheri, north west Mumbai. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Rahul Kirkinde and his family from Airoli, Navi Mumbai, are celebrating the 25th year of bringing Lord Ganesha home.

Rahul says, ‘We are the second generation continuing the tradition and the third generation is about to take over from us.

‘The Ganesh murti and the decorations are eco-friendly, showcasing the Ekadashi Vari.

‘We truly enjoy this festival with the entire family.’ Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Rajesh Mahajan from Malkapur, Buldhana, has used flowers to create a serene surrounding for his Lord Ganesha.

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