How to Handle Rejection in Dating

Online dating can get a little tough and rough, so it’s best to develop some thick skin before entering the sphere.

If you’ve been single for some time, you’ve probably given online dating a shot at some point.

While virtual dating has definitely changed the game when it comes to meeting new people and making connections, it also has its downside.

Creepy DMs and cat-fishing aside, be prepared to deal with ghosting and rejection while exploring new romantic relationships.

If you are new to a dating app and have already been turned down by multiple prospects, Priyanka Kuka and Tanisha Kanani, founders of Not So Arranged, an online dating Web site tell you to deal with rejection and move on with a positive spirit.

1. Love yourself

The key to happiness is putting yourself first always.

If your bandwidth or frequency doesn’t match with somebody that’s fine.

Be open about yourself and what you are looking for in the relationship right from the beginning. And if they don’t feel like they are on the same page, you can save yourself from getting more invested and from future heartache.

2. Don’t Revenge Date

Though online dating and rejections can induce vicious thoughts, one must not engage in revenge dating someone else with the thought of proving anything to anyone.

Revenge dating can be a hurried decision and may not be the best for you or the new person that you are seeing.

It’s not fair to the other person and can lead to emotional implications for everyone involved.

3. Meet people who like you

Like-minded people are always nice to be around.

Surrounding yourself with your friends and family during this emotionally vulnerably period.

4. Block them

The ideal way to not witness anyone who has rejected you and what they are doing in their life is by blocking them.

Though extreme, you may consider it if their presence somewhere makes you feel vulnerable and submissive about yourself.

5. Not everybody sees eye to eye

Come to terms with the fact that not everyone has seen the qualities in you.

Remember that online dating doesn’t provide as much depth in understanding each other.

Some people might look at your shortcomings and make it the crux of rejecting you without knowing the bigger story of your qualities.

Instead of humouring them with it, save your real story for the worthy.

6. Share it with a friend and reduce the emotional baggage

Nothing better than clearing the cloud by opening the flood gates of the mounted feelings to a good listener.

Share with your friends what happened exactly to help you cope with the feeling better.

7. Binge watch

Pick a series and watch it by binging on it so it helps you distract your mind from thinking about being rejected and how it will shape your self-esteem moving forward.

You will be surprised to find a relevant series that you can connect with in real-life scenarios that will also help you better cope with the emotional damage.

The truth is, online dating can get a little tough and rough, so it’s best to develop some thick skin before entering the sphere.

Be open to embracing rejection as it comes without second-guessing your self-worth.

When you fail, introspect and analyse yourself, and become more comfortable with yourself, so no one can manipulate your thought process to think in a way that you are not comfortable with.

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