‘I didn’t want to look different – now I embrace my heritage and TOWIE fans love it’

Dani Imbert has opened up about her heritage and shared her “favourite DMs” that she gets from fellow mixed race and black girls.

The 23 year old TOWIE star, who split from co-star Liam Gatsby earlier this year, is known for her stunning blonde curls and, while she sometimes straightens her tresses, Dani insists it isn’t to hide her Caribbean heritage but simply because she sometimes “fancies a change”.

“Everyone was saying to me on Instagram ‘oh what would you look like with straight hair?’ so I decided to straighten it, and now I switch between straight and my curls just to try something different,” Dani shared with OK!.

Discussing her heritage, she went on: “I’m half St Lucian and, to be fair with you I might have felt [I had to hide it] when I was younger and at school, but I kind of grew out of that quite quickly.

“When was in school everyone else around me had straight hair so I was just straightening my hair to look like everyone else, but as soon as I left school I started embracing my curls.”

Dani added: “Me going on [TOWIE] and straightening my hair isn’t because I felt like I had to hide my heritage or anything like that, it was purely to switch it up for a bit of a change. I love my hair and I prefer my hair curly to be honest with you.”

Since joining the show last year, the 23 year old said she’s had a positive response from viewers.

Dani explained: “That’s what I liked most about going on the show and embracing my curls: having nice DMs from black or mixed race girls saying how refreshing it is to see a mixed race girl on the show and have their hair actually curly.

“Nine times out of ten girls do straighten their hair all the time, so I kind of appreciate the DMs. They’re my favourite types of DMs to get where people say they’re glad that I embrace where I come from. That’s my favourite compliment from it all.”

Dani’s comments come after she told us after her debut last year that she was “just being herself” on the show.

"The first thing I was thinking when I was going on the show was that I'm just gonna be myself,” she said. “I'm just gonna block out the cameras and say stuff I'd say normally."

Dani added: “You literally get to be yourself so I do love it and I really enjoy it.”


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