Is Nora This Week’s Style Champ?

Like the wintry weather, co-ord sets are undeniably cool right now.

Geometry, in a trail of rectangles, triangles, hypotenuses, is happily hopping from blackboards and classrooms into the party scene.

Dark, gloomy florals are spilling into cheerful Indian wear and bringing new flair.

Some of the happenings in the week of fashion that went by.

Celebs are at fancy-schmantzy weddings. Or still on holiday.

But dressed up they are.

Of course. To. The. Nines.

Whether they have a place to go to or not.

Does it really matter in today’s virtual world? If you don’t have a bash, ball or wedding to waft off to, you have to simply step a fashionable manicured toe into the 24-hour non-stop Instagram party whirl, where the red carpet never gets rolled up.






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