Is This What Kiara Will Wear To Her Wedding?

When the elegant Kiara Advani marries Sidharth Malhotra in February — as movietown insists she will — we are certain she’ll be the wondrous bride who will knock it out of the park.

Always expertly put together, it will be a lovely to see her arrayed in shaadi finery.

Will she wear red?

Or flout the endless list of prescribed rules for dulhans with an unconventional colour?

Which wedding trads will she debunk?

In what distinctive way will Kiara nail the wedding brief and make her fans super khush?

Whatever she does, there will be women who will run to their darzis to recreate her style for the next marriage they attend as a bride or a guest — so expect hordes of Kiara-lookalikes at all dos post-Feb.

Until we get a glimpse of her bridal outfit and since curiosity can kill the cat, let’s appease our imagination by peeking at a few of Kiara’s wedding-worthy looks till date.







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