Jeremy Clarkson warned he’ll suffer ‘agonising death’ if he doesn’t quit habit

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Amazon Prime star Jeremy Clarkson has admitted that his doctor has warned him he will sugar an “agonising and premature death” if he keeps up a habit he previously thought safe for his health. 

The Clarkson’s Farm star explained that he used to be a smoker, but that he had made efforts to ween himself off cigarettes in favour of nicotine gum.

While the 63-year-old presenter has managed to kick his “40-a-day” habit after switching to an alternative source of nicotine, it appears his health may still be in jeopardy 

Jeremy opened up about the unwelcome news in his new column for the Sun today.

The former Top Gear host revealed that, while giving up smoking may have given his lungs a break, nicotine gum has still had a worrying effect on him.

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“For most of my adult life, stern-faced doctors warned me that if I didn’t give up smoking, I would suffer from an agonising and premature death,” Jeremy explained.

“So six years ago I bit the bullet and replaced my 40-a-day habit with sheet after sheet of full-strength nicotine gum.

“And this week a doctor said it’s causing a worrying rise in my blood pressure and that if I don’t pack it in soon, I will suffer from an agonising and premature death,” he concluded incredulously. 

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Three years ago, Jeremy joked in his column that cigarette sales in Britain had plummeted because the “world’s heaviest smoker” quit.

According to previous reports, Jeremy finally quit smoking after a bout of near-fatal pneumonia kept him from cigarettes while he was hospitalised back in 2017. 

After falling seriously in while on holiday in Mallorca, he realised that something had to change.

“I was told, by everyone, that I had to stop. Immediately,” he wrote in a column for The Sunday Times at the time.

“I had no choice at the time because the blood poisoning was so bad and I was so racked with the resultant rigors that I couldn’t work a cigarette lighter.”

The star had upheld his smoking habit for 43 years and reportedly smoked nearly 630,000 cigarettes.

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