Joe Exotic Is Divorcing Dillon Passage Because He Wants to Marry New BF He Met in Prison

The incarcerated ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’ star seemingly cannot wait any longer to finally tie the knot with his new man called John Graham.

AceShowbizJoe Exotic has gotten candid about the reason why pulled the plug on his marriage to Dillon Passage. The “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” star, who has filed for divorce from her husband of four years, revealed that he wants to tie the knot with his new boyfriend that he met in prison.

Joe’s lawyer, Autumn Blackledge, informed TMZ that the Netflix star’s new beau is a man named John Graham. The two met last February when they were both detained at FMC Fort Worth in Texas.

John has been released from jail, though. He was previously locked up in jail for burglary and possession of a firearm. Although he was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison back in 2012, John reportedly got his freedom back on March 15 this year.

On March 31, Joe, who married Dillon in December 2017, wrote a public message to the latter as he urged him to sign the divorce papers. “Dillon, please just sign it and go away,” he simply penned on Twitter.

Joe also included a release in his post that stated he filed for divorce on March 31 in Santa Rosa County. “While it was rumored that [Joe] had filed for divorce almost a year ago upon his public announcement on social media, [Joe] failed to serve his husband and did not follow through with obtaining a divorce through the legal system,” it read.

The statement continued to explain that Joe “has tried to obtain information about Dillon and his whereabouts” so that they “could enter into what he hopes to be an amicable divorce” but his attempts to get Dillon to contact him “have failed.” The note stressed, “It is the hope of the ‘Tiger King’ that they can both move on with their lives and divorce quickly and amicably.”

Dillon himself announced his split from Joe in March 2021. “To answer the main question the public wants to know, yes, Joe and I are seeking a divorce. This wasn’t an easy decision to make but Joe and I both understand that this situation isn’t fair to either of us,” he declared at that time. “It’s something that neither of us were [sic] expecting but we are going to take it day by day.”

A few days later, Joe’s lawyer stated that the Netflix star, who tied the knot with his husband in December 2017, managed to convince his spouse to “stay married.” At the time, his attorney told TMZ that Joe sent him an email that read, “Me and Dillon have talked and we are not going to get in a hurry and get a legal divorce.”

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