John Cleese blasts Boris Johnson ‘Shouldn’t have a chancer like this running our country!’

John Cleese clashes with BBC World News interviewer

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John Cleese, 82, has taken to Twitter, in view of his 5.7 million followers, to share his anger following images that have emerged which appear to show Boris Johnson drinking at an event during a Covid lockdown. In response to a tweet describing how a Downing Street security guard was reportedly mocked when they tried to stop a party, John slammed the Prime Minister.

The Monty Python star said: “We should not have a chancer like this running our country.”

The actor, comedian and screenwriter has previously shared anti-Conservative Party feelings on his social media accounts.

The Met Police confirmed Thursday they had concluded their investigation into partying inside Government buildings during the lockdown.

They had issued 126 fines in total.

However, pictures were released by ITV News which are believed to show the Prime Minister at a leaving party on November 13 2020 and have led to the PM receiving fresh scrutiny from the public.

In the pictures, Mr Johnson appears to be raising a glass alongside Downing Street staff.

It has been reported that at least one person who attended the event was fined, but the PM was not.

He was reportedly not investigated for the event.

Mr Johnson had denied a party took place in No 10 on November 13 2020.

At the time, indoor socialising was banned under lockdown rules.

Senior civil servant Sue Gray is expected to publish her report into the Partygate scandal this week.

Earlier this month, John slammed Jacob Rees-Mogg on Twitter after he shared his reaction to Sadiq Khan using taxpayer’s money to travel.


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John wrote: “I assume the upper-class Twit of the decade, Rees-Mogg, was satisfied when he learned that Sadiq Khan’s flights to and from the US were paid for by the airline.

“No surprise, since he had no problem with the 40 thousand pounds of taxpayers’ money that Johnson’s delegation had cost.”

Rees-Mogg referred to Khan as “swanning off” around the world.

He added that the move was “tough on taxpayers.”

Speaking to LBC, Rees-Mogg said: “Who’s paying for his fare? Is that a good use of taxpayers’ money?”

He added: “The precept for the GLA (Greater London Authority) goes up and up and he goes swanning off around the world.

“It’s all hunky dory for him but it’s a bit tough on taxpayers.”

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